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About SEC

What is SEC?

SEC LogoThe Student Engineers’ Council (SEC) is the representative body for all students in the Dwight Look College of Engineering at Texas A&M University. Formed by the Dean of Engineering in 1939, the SEC represents the concerns of engineering students and professional societies to the college administration and to the university as a whole.

The mission of the SEC targets three main areas; it strives to be the representative voice of all engineering students; it works to increase engineering awareness through its programs and events; and it fosters the professional advancement of all engineering students within the College of Engineering. These three facets of the Council's mission are carried out through several committees in its Internal, External, and Development divisions.

The Council holds general meetings every Monday evening, during which issues facing the College and the University are discussed, corporate representatives speak, and Council business is conducted. The Council consists of around 110 members, all belonging to one of the Council's fourteen committees. These committees, led by one or two committee chairs, each work to fulfill a certain part of the SEC mission.

One fundamental aspect of the Council's representative duties is the communication and involvement with engineering societies. Many engineering societies within the College of Engineering designate a Society Representative who attends all SEC meetings and serves as the liason between the SEC and the engineering society. Through these Society Representatives, the SEC is able to disseminate information to many engineering students and learn of issues faced by students within the College.