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About SEC

How can I get involved?

Students can become involved with the Council in several ways. You can become an SEC member, you can join a professional society that is represented in the Council, or you can simply attend any of our various events throughout the school year.

The SEC General Council meetings, which are held every Monday evening at 8:15 PM, are open to all engineering students. You can attend these meetings to learn more about what the Council does and voice your opinion about issues facing the College.


Every semester new members are admitted to the Council through an application process. Students submit an application and go through an interview to be selected as a member.

Engineering Societies

Each professional society in the Dwight Look College of Engineering may send a representative to SEC meetings. These society representatives are full members in SEC. They act as liaisons between the societies and the Council. As representatives, they speak for their societies when they voice an opinion on an issue concerning the college.