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Texas A&M
Student Engineers' Council

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Career Fair
The SEC Career Fair is the Largest Student Run Career Fair in the Nation
and is the Premier Texas A&M Engineering Recruiting Event.

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Inspiring Future Generations of Aggie Engineers
and Promoting Engineering Awareness

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Celebrating 84 Years of SEC

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Giving Back
SEC Donated the First $1M to the New
Engineering Education Complex

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Professional Development
Giving Members the Opportunity to Experience Engineering Industries
and Professional Workplaces Around the U.S.

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Industry Nights
Exposing Students to the Roles Engineers Play in Different Industries

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Providing Texas A&M Engineers the Opportunity to
Interact with Professional Engineering Companies

We aim to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of engineering and empower them to make informed decisions as they prepare for their college journey. During the EnVision Scholars Conference, students will engage in various activities to enhance their understanding and interest in science and engineering.


Formed in 1939 by the Dean of Engineering, the Student Engineers' Council is organized as an association for the exclusive purpose of providing advancement to students in the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University by serving as a liaison between the College of Engineering students and the administration and to inform the administration of the concerns of the students, and by providing programs that promote Texas A&M Engineering and engineering as a whole both on and off campus.

The mission of the SEC targets three main areas; it strives to be the representative voice of all engineering students; it works to increase engineering awareness through its programs and events; and it fosters the professional advancement of all engineering students within the College of Engineering. These three facets of the Council's mission are carried out through several committees in its Development, External, and Internal divisions.


The Development division targets the professional advancement aspect of the mission statement. The Development committees include Career Fair, Corporate Relations, Engineering Development, Finance, and ProTrip.


The External division targets the engineering awareness aspect of the mission statement. The External committees include Engineers' Week, EnVision Conference, Philanthropy, and Special Events.


The Internal division targets the representative voice aspect of the mission statement. The Internal committees include Internal Relations, Legislation, Marketing, Membership, Society and Graduate Relations, and Systems Administration.


The Council has several committees that target the three main aspects of SEC's mission statement. These committees host events, support the Council, and represent all engineering students within the College of Engineering.


Career Fair

Corporate Relations

Engineering Development




Internal Relations



Society and Graduate Relations

Systems Administration


The Student Engineers' Council is proud to extend the opportunity for all companies to become sponsors of our fall and spring career fair and other events. Sponsors truly drive the success of our services and events, and in return, we go out of our way to ensure our sponsors' visibility to engineering students. Our Fall 2023 Career Fair diamond and platinum sponsors are shown below.

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The Executive Board is composed of the president and vice presidents who head each division as well as the executive secretary. Each vice president leads a group of engineers that work towards their division's mission and strive to improve and develop the College of Engineering.


The Executive Council is composed of the chairs who head each committee. Each Executive Council member leads a group of engineers to perform their committee's role with the goal of improving and developing the College of Engineering.