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Privacy Policy

Usage Logging

We actively log our users' activity on our site. This logging is limited to readily available server-side information. We do not store personal data in our usage logs.

Our goal for the site is to provide the best information to our visitors. We are able to provide better content through our logging activities.

Information Sharing

We do not share our users' information with anyone, nor do we seek to profit from opening our database to others. We do, however, comply with the federal laws of the United States. We will aid in any criminal investigation conducted by the United States governement. As engineers, our job is to make the world a better, safer place for the general public. Sharing our data during an investigation will help achieve this goal.

Personal Information

We regard personal information as very important to our users. We do our best to secure our users' information in our database. We do not share personal information with non-governmental entities.