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Spotlight: SEC Around the World

Eric and Karim with President Murano and other guests

In May 2008 the Student Engineers' Council at TAMUQ was established to serve as the "Representative Voice" for academic and professional affairs of engineers in Qatar. The SEC in Qatar works to achieve the same mission set by the SEC at TAMU, and thus both councils share the same core programs, policies, activities, and operations.

In addition to its academic and professional role, the SEC at TAMUQ is special for being the first student-led initiative and the result of direct and long term collaboration between both campuses. Since the Qatar Student Leadership Exchange Program in spring 2008, the presidents of both councils have worked closely to establish the foundation of the SEC at Qatar. Additionally, both councils have committed to communicate regularly and collaborate on all levels to ensure success on both ends. In this regard, the councils are committed to serve as a bridge of communication, leadership, and cultural exchange between Aggie Engineers around the world.

Eric and Karim with Dean Bennett

In September 2008, Eric Calderon, President of SEC at TAMU, invited Karim Farhat '09, President of SEC at TAMUQ, to College Station to continue refining the basic foundations of the SEC in Qatar. This trip was a true success as Eric and Karim had the opportunity to share ideas and experiences between both organizations. The Presidents of both councils had the opportunity to meet many administrators, faculty, and student leaders from across campus. The highlight of the trip was when Eric and Karim met with Dr. Elsa Murano, President of TAMU, and Chase Untermeyer, former U.S. ambassador to Qatar.

In the College of Engineering, both Presidents enjoyed meeting with Dean Bennett, Dr. Howze, and Dr. Malave, all of whom stressed the important role of SEC within the College. All administrators were truly supportive of this effort and were very optimistic of its continued success well into the future.

Eric and Karim with TAMU Student Body President Mark Gold

Karim and Eric met with the leaders of many Engineering Societies and the Student Body President. Texas A&M prides itself on developing leaders, and this was evident by the willingness of all student leaders to support this endeavor in any way possible. "I am very proud of the interest and commitment that students here have shown toward their colleagues in the Qatar campus. I am sure the Aggies from both campuses can accomplish great achievements together, and the SEC at TAMUQ is committed to initiating, fostering, and maintaining solid channels of communication between both student bodies," said Karim.

"We hope to set a precedent for future student-led initiatives between both campuses. I look forward to seeing both councils continue serving students for years to come."